Product/Service Potential

Product/Service potential is the expected benefit from an asset. This benefit can come from holding and later selling the asset, or by using the asset. Service potential is a major consideration when deciding whether to invest in a new asset. A concern is whether an asset will actually be used in the manner originally contemplated when the service potential figure was first derived. If not, the actual service realized may differ significantly from its service potential.
  • Easy
  • Automatic file management
  • Instant generation of reports
  • Automatic updates
  • Reduce cost
  • Reliable

Our Value Management function will determine which IT investment program will suit your business and which programs should be dissolved. Our consultants are proficient in auditing information systems and business continuity.

Our consultants can establish a Service Management function, analyse existing ITSM processes or design a service improvement plan tailored to your company’s needs. Everything-products or services can be enhanced to perform better than it does today.

We support your team’s analysis and progress to align your current IT procedures to industry certified best practice. From your current maturity, we can establish how to achieve future IT processes & company developments. Thinking about what the service currently looks like, envision what it can be in the future. The secret is to approach it from the user’s viewpoint–by thinking like a customer.

  • January 20, 2017